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At Evergreen Painting, our services are the foundation of the perfect paint job for your home. From start to finish, we ensure our work speaks for itself.

Evergreen Painting is available to do interior projects year-round and exterior projects from about April through October as the winter weather makes it near impossible to paint outside. We do give free estimates for exteriors during the winter season if you are looking to plan ahead. We look forward to hearing from you!

Residential Painting Services

Service Checklist

Free In-Home Estimate
Free In-Home Estimate

No-obligation, Free In-home Estimate

Evergreen Painting provides a no-obligation, free home estimate to every potential customer. This gives us an opportunity to meet face-to-face, shake hands, listen to what you have to say and answer any questions you may have for us.

After a brief inspection of your home, we will determine exactly what is required to complete the job, and provide a competitive quote.

Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing

Removal of Dirt, Grease, Mold, and Surface Contaminants

Pressure washing is an essential preparation step to ensure your home's exterior is free of dirt, grease, mold, or other surface contaminants. Pressure washing will occur one to two days prior to painting to ensure surfaces are completely dry prior to painting.

Minor Wall Repairs
Wall Repairs

Repair Interior Surface Defects

This is where I fix any problem areas on the inside of your home, including:

  • Fill nail and screw holes
  • Seal and smooth torn drywall paper
  • Tape and fill damaged corners
  • Repair wall cracks
  • Patch large holes
  • Cover wall stains

Masking/Drop Cloths
Masking and Drop Cloths

Protecting Your Property is Our Priority

Our top priority is leaving your property in better condition than we found it, so we go out of our way to ensure every inch is protected from paint spatter. Count on us to:

  • Protect landscape, walkways and plants
  • Remove or mask lighting fixtures
  • Cover flooring with drop sheets
  • Cover countertops and appliances with plastic
  • Mask light switches, power outlets, thermostats, door knobs and hinges, and vents

Paint Removal
Paint Removal

Remove Old, Chipping, Flaky Paint

Complete removal of old, chipping, loose and flaky paint is critical to the longevity of your new interior and exterior paint job. We make sure your walls are prepared and primed to receive a fresh coat of new paint.

Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting with Curb Appeal

We take great pride in exterior painting that gives homes a curb appeal that will make the neighbors jealous. Our professional skills and high quality products produce a paint job that will last for years to come.

For the siding of the home we use top of the line spray equipment and brush everything back to ensure proper adhesion to the surface, as well as giving the paint a more even look. For the trim we will use roller and brush to give nice cut lines for a gorgeous finishing touch.

We also paint garage doors and entry doors, which make for excellent accents to the exterior of the house.

Interior Painting
Interior Painting

Interior Painting with a Focus on Detail

Skillful application of interior paint is accomplished with a brush and large rollers for the walls and ceilings. We take pride in clean cut lines, evenly coated surfaces, and custom color combinations that make your home's interior shine. We also paint interior doors and trim.

Our focus on detail guarantees the perfect finish and we know you will love the new look of your home.

Clean Up
Painting Clean Up

We Leave Your Home Spotless

We know how important your home is to you, so while we're there we treat it like our own. While we work, we keep our tools and equipment neat and organized. At the end of each day, we pack up and take all trash and debris with us.

When we complete a job, we replace any furniture that was moved, replace any fixtures, and perform a comprehensive cleanup ensuring we leave your home spotless.

Final Walkthrough
Final Walkthrough

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

At the completion of each job, we perform a final walkthrough with you to inspect all aspects of the work performed. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and if for any reason we fell short of your expectation, we will address the concern immediately.

We hope you will consider us for all your future painting needs.